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A youngster with a writing hobby. That’s currently what I am, but I’m striving to push this into a success someday. This blog is where I publish varieties of the putting-words-together work, hoping to initially expose myself and see where I get from here.

You can call me Dawn. I work best in ficiton-writing. I have already done a few successful short stories I’m proud of, and now working on my first original novel. I’ve studied a lot of articles about writing and learned both of the spoken and unspoken rules of it. I am part of the Young Writers Community group in Facebook and owns an account in Wattpad.

I am willing to share everything I learned concerning this literary field to help other writers. Do not be afraid to contact me at or in Wattpad (username: ScratchWrites07).

Enjoy your stay!

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Short Stories. Enjoy the results of my sudden inspirations. They hit hard like a brick!



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Just Write. Know more about writers and writing. Better prepare your pen!



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Story Analysis. There are hidden agendas in a story. Let’s figure it out together!



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Note for Thoughts. When the swirls in my mind finally straightens…it’s scary!



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Poetry. I’m not really good with this. Try and enjoy them though!