by Dawn H.


Finals is coming.

I have been cramming.

I feel like dying.

Before graduating.

Why is this happening?

I am not learning.

I am just complying,

What they are requiring.

What I’m saying,

Is not in their liking.

But what they are doing,

Is not helping.

I’m not telling,

Because I’m still studying.

They will not be listening,

To what I’m saying.

This is not everything,

That all I am thinking.

But it’s not interesting,

To those I’m opposing.

So I’ll be staring,

At my books and reading

Things that I’ll be forgetting,

Right after testing.


Copyright © All Rights Reserved



The Art Inside

Written by Dawn H.

Copyright © All Rights Reserved


Art is a mix of imagination and skill

Expressing ideas or anything we feel

It is one’s vision put down on paper

A skill that dwells inside you forever


Art is never limited to lines and color

It is more than variations of shades and streaks

And more than painting, music, and sculpture

Something that nobody can take or break


Art is not everything that is noticed on sight

Some lies behind the beauty of what can be seen

They that are more beautiful without light

The skills we possess, humbled and hidden


Talent was never the requirement to do art

Practice and perseverance that comes from the heart

The grit that is practiced right in our part

Is what makes one an artist from the start


Art is not merely a product of an artist

It is more than a material done by effort

Art reflects more than talent or basis

It reflects many voices in a work


In a world without imagination and art

There is a world of colorlessness and sorrow

A world lack of beauty that drains the heart

A world with no hope and no tomorrow