Moment’s Time

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TITLE | Moment’s Time

GENRE | Short Story


A collection of short stories.

          These stories are based from my upcoming novels I’m currently working on, so there are probably spoilers, though I won’t mention which title of the story they belong, just not to give away too much.

          Because they are based from my novels, please take note that some set of characters may be repeated, but remember that not all are necessarily relevant to the main stories.

          But! There may be some stories that does not relate to ANY of my novels in any way. (^_^)

          These stories are made out of a short time segment between busy schedules. They’re basically the products of my break times. They may be not in their best condition, but I hope you will enjoy them.

**Copyright © All Rights Reserved. This collection shall not be copied, revised, published or used without the author’s permission. Violation of the said rights is punishable by law. Any similar products (plots, characters, etc.) are assuredly coincidental.**

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Quotes of Scratch


          These are quotes I made up in my thoughts and I guess It’s nice to share it to people. Take not that not all you may agree to them, if you do I’d appreciate it if you let me know 🙂

          Please remember, these quotes are “mine”. I love to share them with you, but I don’t want anyone to steal them.

          Thank you 🙂 And I hope you like them.


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My Dominant Brain

My Dominant Brain - author name

Left hemisphere, right hemisphere.

     My cluttered brain is full of thoughts that are finally put down on paper. They may all seem vague, disagreeable, confusing, or at some point, senseless. But please remember these are all based on observations and evaluations linked to different sources of available information.

     I hope you enjoy what my brain has to offer.


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