Dawn H. is currently a Senior High School (SHS) student with a writing hobby. She tried writing around twelve, but began the passion when she was almost sixteen.

Dawn is a self-taught (and self-proclaimed) writer and never attended any creative writing lessons. Listening diligently during English classes and establishing a hobby of reading helped her climb up to the work.

She attended several in-campus and inter-school competitions that showed her improvement in writing and effective word constructions, such as essay competitions, debates, and inter-school press conferences. Aside from school, Dawn joined in a famous writing and reading site in Wattpad.com and experienced ups and downs in her write-ups. Today, she has online-published a book of short story collections (Quick Streaks) and a book of her thoughts (My Dominant Brain). Her first novel is currently on-going and is expected to be finished soon or at least before November.

Writing is a way of expressing that cannot be done verbally. Dawn is averagely used to public speaking due to school activities and projects but is certainly not her forte. She aimed to climb up in her hobby and have an impact even at least to a small number of the society.

This blog existed both for entertainment and expression, in a way which Dawn didn’t have to talk.