A young adult with a writing hobby. The first writing experience was around 12 years old, but began the passion when almost sixteen.

          The reason behind my writing hobby is quite unpredicted. Before writing even came to my mind, I was more on drawing and sketching. Although stories and scenarios had always been with me, the idea was visualize them into a manga (a Japanese comic). As young as I was, I didn’t know how to plan a story and always got stuck with my drawings on what comes next. Then, because I was already fond of reading by then, I had this idea of writing down the story first before visualizing it into a manga.

          I never imagined I’d be so engrossed with writing. When I found out I love writing, I joined Wattpad, a site full of readers and writers. Ever since then, I’ve been teaching myself how to write a novel.

          I am a self-taught (and self-proclaimed) writer. Majority of my learnings were gained from reading articles about writing and reading lots of books. I recently joined an online and free writing workshop, but it seemed most of what they teach is not new to me. However, being in a writing community helps a lot, such as being part of the Young Writers Community on Facebook handled by Brett Harris (one of the authors of Do Hard Things) and Jaquelle Crowe (author of This Changes Everything).

          As busy as I am, I am currently writing my first novel and set a goal of finishing the first draft before June 2018 (a whole summer vacation). Currently, I had online-published a book of short story collections (Quick Streaks) and a beginner’s writing guidebook (Writing Basics for Beginners). I have also co-authored a still in-progress story with two of my friends, which will be published in Wattpad soon.

          With this blog, I hope to share my works with you (fiction, non-fiction, and academic) and hopefully receive feedbacks and comments for the improvement of my writing.