Writing Fiction: Know what you Write

What are you writing about? Is it about a young girl going through her teenage problems? Is it a young man who fell in love with a certain girl? Is it a child trying to get enough attention from his parents?

Or is it about a detective solving a murder case? A doctor trying to find cure for a virus? A politician trying to stop corruption?

There are a lot of things a writer can write about. Whether it range from a world of fantasy to the realms of paranormal, you choose what you write. Even about beyond the heavens or underneath the earth, you choose what you write. What do you want to write? What do you love to write? What are you writing about?

It’s one of the great things of writing. You choose what you want to write, for different purposes that nobody can even criticize about. You write to experience what you can’t in your reality. You write because you want to write.

But do you know what you are writing about?

Can you write about politics without knowing its regimes? Can you write about computer programming without knowing what JavaScript and C++ are? Can you write about psychology when you don’t know what behavioral patterns are?

Fiction is commonly defined as a literary text that consists of an imagined or made-up plot. A sequence of events that did not happen in real life. A story that consists of made-up characters and made-up settings, that may or may not be found in reality.

Yes, that part is true. But the world has its conventions that we all follow even instinctively. No matter how you try to work on a certain theme you know little about, delivering it implicitly won’t even make it work. And writing with too few details is also a great reader-repellent as much as writing with too much details.

There is no problem of writing about something beyond you. Not at all. You may want to write about the aliens in outer space, that’s fine. But unless you have a very good reason for it, you cannot stop Earth revolving around its axis. You cannot reach the next galaxy in just one day. You cannot be 10 meters close to the largest star ever known and fly around it.

That all comes to everything. Research is also a crucial thing in writing. You cannot give your character a symptom for concussion if it’s a symptom only found in PPD (Paranoid Personality Disorder). Although there are times when one can really change the regimes of something as long as it has a realistic explanation, research should not be ignored.

Know what you write.




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