The Importance of Pre-writing

When I first tried writing my story, I usually go with what pops in my mind. Go with the flow. That was my style. There are many things that inspires me to write a story, but the whole sequence of events were always very vague and without destination. How will it end? What should happen? I don’t answer those questions until I actually get there. At my first chapters, it was going fine. But the longer I went, the harder it was to think of what will happen next.

So there was my problem. I’ve deleted my published story in wattpad in hopes to edit and plan-off the whole story before I re-draft, re-edit, and republish. It was always very hard for me to have vague ideas and unanswered questions and still go on with the story, though I still do it. But it wasn’t good. It felt like I wasn’t the author of my own story.

Lesson learned. Never skip pre-writing.

Pre-writing. Plan off your story. Make drafts. Take down notes. Research. Do not write your final story when everything else is still incomplete. Going with the flow will never work. You will end up editing and editing your first chapters when new ideas pops up in the middle of the story. And it’s not good for your readers to let them read the whole story all over again.

Writing is never easy, but it doesn’t mean we have to go the hard way around. It may be the long way, but at least it’s the most effective. The moment I started pre-writing, my ideas have been clear. I was even amazed how everything was connected. I did lots of research, even if it was as weird as searching for “kinds of hallucinations”. Even if I have to go back in history just to insert my own characters there. Even if I have to search for fake city names.

I actually regretted not doing this earlier. If I did, I probably had published my story right now. Before you make the same mistake, be patient. Do hard things. And never skip pre-writing.




2 thoughts on “The Importance of Pre-writing

  1. I’ve never tried writing a story without planning it first, but I’m still strongly against the idea, since I’ve read many poorly-written books which I think were made that way.

    I’m currently brainstorming plot ideas for my first novel. The temptation to move on to the first draft is very strong, but I refuse to start writing until I have a clear idea of what I’m going to write.

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    1. My impatience has also let me jump on the first draft when the idea still wasn’t clear–which led me to repeated deletes on my published story. And it’s an embarrassment for me.

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